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GT Governor

The GT Governor is a product designed for the control of gas turbines, regardless if they are generator-drive or mechanical-drive. This is a product which, in addition to the normal characteristics of a regulator for conventional gas turbine, offers some additional features that allow it to be powerful, versatile and reliable. The strong point of this system is given by its integration capabilities, from tens of control loops and sequences in the same table to an entire cogeneration plant. The effectiveness of the control system is well managed by the GT governor, which is provided by a system of man-machine interface (HMI), to perform many diagnostic tasks, such as plot developments analog / digital recording of events and alarm history

Screen Pages From Control Panel
The GT Governor includes both control the gas turbine (highly configurable) screen and control panel (Control Panel Video Pages - OPC), integrated in a single package. The screen pages allow the operator to configure the operator to control the main values of the system and run the startup commands and testing of the turbine. The use of a password allows secure management system.

Features Auxiliary
The regulator of the TU / GA, also has the following features:
• Triggers.
• Alarms.
• Event logging.
• Management of digital signals that can be associated with particular states of the system (eg, zero speed, speed goal reached, etc.).

Definition of the governor State
The GT Governor has a main switch to set the active mode of operation. The operating modes are:
OFF - When you select the OFF mode, the starting sequence of the unit is disabled.
CRANK - axile compressor will continue to run in its rotation starter (crank) for an indefinite time unless a critical condition happens.
IDLE - The gas generator is activated, but continues running at idle until the operator selects AUTO or initiates a shutdown sequence. Mode "Idle" (without load) is used to heat the axile compressor
AUTO - This mode allows the execution of the startup sequence complete, including the synchronization of the generator circuit breaker and power control (in the case of a turbine generator drive) or the stage of getting in charge of the load (in the case of a turbine mechanical control).
MAN  - In this mode the operator can adjust the power demand manually using the controls' increase / decrease "of the man-machine interface HMI.
WATER WASH - This mode is selected to run the washing of the axial compressor after is stopped

Governing features
The GT governor is capable of these types of regulation:
• Axile Compressor Acceleration
• Power Turbine Acceleration
• Power Turbine Speed
• Temperature

Fuel Metering
The improvements of the new control system can reach their maximum efficacy and efficiency if the original  fuel valves are replaced by a Fuel Metering Valve.
These valves integrate a complex control system able to effectively compensate gas flow fluctuations, regardless of their cause. All that is needed is to assign the valve a flow set point: the control system provides for regulation so as to put this setting into effect. Alongside the regulating function, the valve also provides a flow measurement, which can be used to monitor the system effectiveness.

The main advantages using a fuel metering valve are:

  1. The metering can be tuned according to the stoichiometric formulae of the fuel;
  2. On the PLC side non particular LVDT cards are required;
  3. One valve instead of two valves;
  4. High accuracy;
  5. Easy to use;

It’s important to remember that the Fuel Metering valve can be adjusted with proper flanges in order to easily fit the original valves arrangement. 

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