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The Passenger Security and Information System (PS&IS) consists of HW elements and a set of programs that allow management of telecommunications systems. A typical field of application for the system is the transport sector. Indeed, T&T Sistemi has installed the system on metro systems in Copenhagen and Riyadh and on the new metro line 5 in Milan, all of which use ATC (Automatic Train Control).

The software consists of a series of programs that control the sound system for public announcements, the visual communications system (station display), the video surveillance system and the emergency telephone system to communicate with passengers. The different programs communicate with each other to manage the functional interaction of the (integrated) subsystems: failure of any one of these programs involves the loss of only one of the functions.

The control room operators are equipped with a location for the management of the main features of the telecommunications system (TLC work station) and a location for radio communications (Radio work station). Additionally, there are also a microphone console that the operator uses for "live" announcements in the station and a telephone to respond to emergency calls and information from both on board the trains and inside the station.

Radio operator conversations, emergency calls from passengers on board the trains and inside the stations, audio monitoring and "live" announcements are recorded: the system software does not in any way control the recording functions but only detects the alarms. The recordings can be accessed from the workstation that manages the recording system.

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