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Making prototypes is an essential part of T&T Sistemi's know-how. Prototypes are designed to meet the specific needs of the client and are provided with engineering capabilities to start mass production.
Two solutions have resulted from this activity: seed and dynamic simulation. SeeD is a solution developed and engineered entirely by T&T Sistemi based on the standard control algorithms of turbo-machinery and programming languages according to international standard IEC 61131-3. SeeD is used to activate different steam turbine, compressor and single loop control types.


In particular, it makes it possible to control high and low pressure valves on steam turbines and manage system power.
When applied to compressors the system instead allows control of the phase of anti-pumping, load sharing, the repositioning of the valve in addition to the boot sequence and shut-down as well as allowing you to control, with a single system, more than eight single loops: anti-ice, pressure, temperature, flow controls, lubricant temperature, gas seal.


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