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Pressurized steel structures
Pressurized steel structures

The "QCP" cabinet series is designed to accommodate any type of instrument and is made of  AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. The reinforced structure and layers of special paint allow the cabinet to be installed without any problems in particularly harsh environments. The QCP cabinet series incorporates three basic parts for proper operation according to the European standards currently in place:

Injection of inert gas
Inert gas input to the cabinet is controlled by an AGS control panel as follows:
• inert gas shut-off (manual & automatic)
• Gas filtration and 3 bar pressure reduction
• pressure indication by a pressure gauge on the cabinet door
• indication of gas flow during the wash cycle
• indication of gas flow during normal operation
• indication of overpressure inside the cabinet using a differential pressure gauge (0-10 mbar)

Ejector valve
The expulsion of the inert gas (washing) is controlled by a VSC-PI-80/xxx control panel built of stainless steel (AISI 316) and equipped with:
• a sintered filter that prevents sparks and/or incandescent particles from escaping
• Pressure and flow control elements (PSL, PSF, PSH)
• Flow assessment 0 to 200 Nm3/h

Purge and pressurization control unit
The sequence of pressurization and the bleeding can be controlled using electromechanical relay logic or a programmable logic controller (PLC), housed in an Ex-d box.
The following commands and indicators are installed on the front of the unit:
• Bipolar or tripolar switch
• "Start cleaning cycle" button
• "Power On" light
• "Purging:  cycle running" light
• "Purging:  cycle complete" light
• "Pressure: out of range" light

Main features

Maximum power supply 2500 kVA (kW)
Maximum Voltage 1000Vdc
Maximum current 1000Vac 50/60Hz
Protection 5000 A
Temperature Class IP55 - IP65
Pressurization type T3 (T4 upon request)
Type of inert gas compensation for loss of air or nitrogen.


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