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Accustomed to working according to the specific needs of the client, it has performed a long series of operations both on land and offshore. Our internal organization allows for individual aspects of a project to be addressed as well as its complete coordination. The T&T Sistemi design department works for EPC contractors and end users alike, using the highest standards of quality and working to meet budget and time requisites. Through constant analysis and study, as well as cooperation with its customers, the design department has developed multi-disciplinary expertise which can be applied to control systems for installations of different types (centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, gas and steam turbines), the electricity sector and instrumentation engineering. Our internal organization allows the design department to work at its best in complex situations, where different types of skills are required. The ability to activate various specialized divisions and work in concert allows T&T Sistemi to offer truly global service.

Control Engeneering
T&T Sistemi's design department specializes in the design of control panels for complex systems, both in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. Because it deals both with hardware and software, the department is able to develop equipment capable of monitoring the safety level and workflows of the systems which are designed according to the peculiarities of each site and always meet the highest standards of quality.

T&T Sistemi Control Engineering works with:
- Calculation of safety, control and measurement devices
- Design of control panels for processes, plants or systems
- Design of control panels for gas and steam turbines, electric and gas motors
- Scada
- Historian Data Analyzer
- Algorithms for Core machine control
- Fire&Gas and ESD safety systems
- Collecting and analyzing diagnostic information

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